Conversions refer to website visitors (whether through organic or paid sources) who turn into leads (by calling you or filling out a form on your website) and ultimately become your clients or customers.

Without conversions internet marketing is worthless.

After all, if visitors to your website don't convert into paying customers -- then what's the point? They are essentially worthless to you. Right?

That's why increasing conversion rates is at the heart of everything we do. So, how do we do it?

Basically, we collect data (also called analytics) and optimize the pages of the website to continually improve conversion rates.

So, the very first thing we do when we begin working with you is install analytics code on your website (if you don't already have it) so we can begin gathering that data to better understand the areas of your website that are performing well and the areas that are not. For instance, if there's a particular page that visitors often leave your website from, we'll work to improve that page; maybe add some graphics or a video -- or move that page to a less prominent place on the site. Conversely, pages that are performing well; we'll make more prominent.

We look at how visitors come to your site; what they are looking for; and try to give them the information they want. There may be certain topics you aren't covering that you should. So, we might create new content to address those areas.

If we are running paid ads, we'll always have several versions of the ad and landing page to test what's working best. We drop what isn't working and double down on what is.

So, data collection through analytics; testing; optimization work -- all of that is central in everything we do. It's the way we increase conversions of visitors into leads and ultimately customers or clients.

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