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One of our favorite things to do is review local Adwords advertising campaigns to see if they are being run as well as they can be. If there is substantial room for improvement, we'll take over the campaign and guarantee an improved ROI. We split the savings with our client and that's how we get paid. If there are no savings; no increased ROI, you pay us nothing.

Of course, we only take over accounts that are being managed poorly and we don't charge any management fee for this service. So, the chances are good that there will be an increased ROI after we take over.

We also will start Adwords campaigns from scratch if we are confident we can deliver leads to you at a cost below their value.

Most of the time, when you search Google for a product or service, you'll see both paid ads and organic search results -- at the top of the page. I discussed on our Local SEO page how Google is doing many things to encourage use of Google Plus Local Business Pages. I talked there about how you can leverage your Google Plus Local Business page to gain visibility in organic search results. The same is true for paid Adwords search results.

Google is giving local businesses some important advantages if they tie their Adwords account to their Google Plus Local Business page. By doing that, when you advertise locally, you can get larger, more prominent ads, with more links to your site -- all at a lower cost.

In fact, today, it's quite possible to run local Google ads that result in totally free phone calls to your business that you don't even pay for.

So, there's big opportunity here for good local businesses to leverage their Google Plus Local Business page -- not only for organic search results, but also in paid search results.

Give us a call or fill out the form below to find out more about how we can help you do this.

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