Our Perfect Client

Our perfect client is a good local business, that wants more business; but, for whatever reason (time and money being the usual suspects) -- doesn't do much web marketing. If that describes you, then you are leaving money on the table. There are things we can do for your business that are very likely to bring positive results, new leads, new business for you. You have a great opportunity. And, we want to share that opportunity with you.

We don't work with everyone; not even all local businesses. If you already have a great internet marketing program, then we are not for you. You're good. We probably can't improve enough on what you are already doing to make it worth anyone's time for us to get involved.

We also don't work with companies, even small ones, that are unlikely to get clients from local internet searches. If your target customer or client is not searching local terms; then we can't help you. For instance -- a nutritional or wellness products company. Their potential clients are unlikely to make a local search to find them. Someone might search for "best nutritional products" and probably find large national or international companies. But they're unlikely to search for "best wellness product in Woodbridge, VA" -- for instance. So, because a company like that won't benefit much from local search, we don't take on clients like that.

Now, "Best Woodbridge plumber" or attorney, or dentist, or roofer, or restaurant, or chiropractor -- etc, etc -- absolutely!

The bottom line is there is great opportunity in local search. As discussed elsewhere on this site, Google especially, but other search engines as well, are doing big things to help local businesses. And, our "zero risk" business model allows us to get to work for you, and with you, right away -- even if you can't afford to pay us up front. So, if you are a local business and not taking advantage of those opportunities, then we should definitely talk.

In fact, if you are a good local business, without an internet marketing program, and you're not dialing our number right now -- then please use the form below to tell me why not. Honestly, I can't imagine why you wouldn't be calling. But, I'd love to hear the reason.

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